Hand Held EGT Probe

Hand Held EGT Probe
Hand Held EGT Probe
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Product Description

Hand Held EGT Probe
Use anywhere the probe will reach! Here are some applications: Clutches, Radiators, Brakes, Wheels, Water, Head and Exhaust Temperatures, water lines, axle and transmissions to name a few.

This probe will work with most voltmeters that have thermocouple inputs.

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Features: Exposed Tip Junction (Faster Response Time) Superior Inconel Sheathing longevity at high temperatures 2200 Deg F (1200 Deg C) American Made

Specifications: Type K Special Limits of Error +/- 0.4% of reading Inconel 600 sheathing Response time (500 milliseconds)

The Thermocouple Blade Probe is specifically designed for use in automotive racing and R & D applications. The EGT Blade Probe will fit into very tight areas making it a valuable "must have" tool around the pit garage and dynometer test stands. The handle is designed for heavy-duty abrasion resistance for the more demanding applications.The high temperature sensors of choice for professional racing teams and R & D test labs.

Our probes are made from the highest quality materials and designed for withstanding extreme environments.

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