TSC Sensors, Harold G. Schaevitz Industries offers the highest quality Made in USA Sensor Products:

Standard Product Offerings
LVDT Position Sensors manufactured by Macro Sensors
High Temperature Thermocouples
EGT Probes
Exhaust Gas Sensors

Need Applications Help?

Have a special requirement? Need assistance in sensor design? Looking for a new approach to your on going sensor challenges? We have over 50 years of application engineering experience. Our application engineering specialists have extensive backgrounds in OEM and Custom products for LVDT Position Sensors and Temperature Sensors
Call now and talk to one of our application engineering specialist at 248-636-1515

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You need is shipped where? No problem! We Ship World Wide Australia, Asia, Europe, and South America. Wherever you are we will ship to you. We ship via UPS expedited services, USPS, Fed-x or a shipper of your choice.

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The anatomy of a fast-response EGT probe

  • Sensing Junction: Exposed tip for the fastest response & utmost sensitivity to dynamic temperature changes
    Flame-hardened MgO will not pit or powder
  • Transition: Heavy-duty strain relief for maximum flexibility at this critical point
    High temperature potting compound for extensive exposure to heat
  • Lead Wire: Stainless Steel over-braiding for exceptional abrasion and corrosion resistance
  • Thermocouple Wire: Stranded (not solid core) for greater wire strength, flexibility and resistance to work hardening
    Teflon-coated for superior oil resistance
  • Fitting: 316 Stainless Steel, no brass here baby! Corrosion resistant and withstands high heat associated exhaust systems.

We have technically-trained staff to help you select the right exhaust gas temperature sensor for your application. We specialize in these high-performance thermocouples for racing, R&D and test labs.