"Superlite A" Mini Meter and Compression Fitting Probe Kit

"Superlite A" Mini Meter and Compression Fitting Probe Kit
Item# MeterKitA-EGT-EP-072-0001-SS-N
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Product Description

Description: This lightweight compact Type K thermocouple "Superlite A" Mini Meter with analog retransmission is perfect for any mobile temperature measurement application. The four-digit bright red LED display is easy to read, even at a distance. Splash-resistant front panel keypad is easy to clean & wipe down. The meter has a user-selectable HI or LO alarm set point, configured through the front panel push buttons. During an alarm condition a front panel LED is enabled & an internal 1 Amp relay contact output is engaged. One touch button to place the display in Peak Temperature Hold condition and Analog retransmission output (to Data Logger).

"Super Lite" only 2.1 ounce. Compact package, faceplate is only 1" tall & 2" wide. Accepts virtually any Type K thermocouple. 12 VDC powered. Perfect for mobile EGT monitoring. Automotive racing, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, etc.

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Description for Compression Fitting EGT Probe:
The Compression Fitting EGT Probe is made in the USA from superior materials, designed to withstand rugged racing conditions. The exposed tip sensing junction provides immediate response to dynamic temperature changes. The exhaust gas temperature sensor (egt probe)is designed for applications that mount with a weld bung and compression fitting. The Compression fitting egt probe is 0.187 diameter (4.75 mm) and includes a 316 SS compression. The egt probe cable lead length is 6 feet (2 meters) and a 90-degree bend to accommodate tight mounting locations.

Applications including but not limited to automotive, motorcycle, 2 cycle and 4 cycle engines, Truck, Racing, Towing, Furnace Flu Gas measurements and process control systems.